About us

With decades in the delivery business in the Northeast, we employ more than 300 hard working people and use a variety of equipment, including more than 200 company owned vans, plus rickshaws, and hand carts to provide quality, reliable ‘last-mile’ delivery of goods from business to home and business to business.

Who we service

Our customers include local and national supermarket chains, internet retailers, party stores, drug stores, catering services, office supply stores, and other retailers.  If you have retail customers - homes or businesses - and want to provide them quality delivery service - on-demand, same day, next day or scheduled, we're here to help.

We are different

Unlike many players in the last-mile delivery business, we do not subcontract our delivery services to others.  We use our own equipment and our own properly trained and background-checked employees, ensuring safety, quality, proper insurance and licensure. Our service offering is customized to allow our customers to get the delivery service they need as economically as possible.  We provide services on an hourly basis, per delivery basis and flat-fee weekly basis. 

Technology in Action

Our technology enhances accountability, communication, safety, responsiveness, efficiency and the reputation of our customers.  State-of-the-art GPS keep us on top of the location of our entire fleet and tracks driver behavior to minimize speeding, harsh turning, aggressive acceleration, and sudden braking.  Web-based order entry and dispatch provides step-by-step feedback on delivery processing, allowing automated customized status messages throughout the delivery process to both our customers and their delivery recipients, proof of delivery (including customer signature), as well as open APIs to interface with our customers' order entry systems, and a customer web portal for manual order entry and delivery status monitoring.  Our cloud-based time and attendance system ensures our personnel are on time and where they need to be.


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